Friday, February 5, 2016

Hello, Snow

January 17 - 24 journal
We got some snow this week.  First, we got the pretty snow.

It was so beautiful to wake up to see snow falling gently against the dawn.  The landscape looked incredible with a delicious dusting of sugar snow.

Spectacular dawn photos taken from inside.  This is the view from my parlor window where I sit and drink my coffee in the morning. 

I Like this one better, better pretty pink sky color but there's the kitty nose print smudges on the window so the snowman blowmold on the porch isn't as clear.

The sunrise was so beautiful I had to get up and take a few more shots from out on the veranda, Brrrrrr.
In my area of the country we usually do get some snow falling in January & February.  There's not much accumulation and even if there is you can count on it melting quickly.  There's this exciting anticipation accompanied by a frenzy of activity spurred by the news reports urging everyone to stay home during the storm which, of course, means folks run to the nearest store for provisions.
Does this happen where you live?

Here's a pic of my Snowpocalypse provisions.  Forget bread & milk!

Snowstorms are crazy but fun at the same time.  This is Daisy out for a sniff after the storm broke.  There was about 6" of heavy icy snow and she just walked on top of it, not falling thru.

It was an exciting busy week preparing for the visit of my brother & his wife Stephanie and also the Blizzard.

We tidied & freshened up guest room, put fresh linens on the bed to make it look welcoming.  I like the way clean white bed linen looks, so inviting!

This little vintage toy treasure now resides in the guest room.   I think a baby doll buggy filled with my old Raggedy Anns and other collectible dollies adds a delightful touch of whimsy and cozy homeyness.  I spent many hours playing with my sister and our sweet Raggedy Anns & Holly Hobbies together.

Little personal touches of interesting vintage cuteness make me smile and I think my guests would appreciate that.  It's been my dream to operate a Bed & Breakfast in my home.

Emily picked out a bouquet of red roses, a nice little splurge, to put on the bedside table as a special little welcome for our guests.  They were only $4 for a half dozen at Aldi.  I thought they looked very pretty as I arranged them while drinking my tea so I snapped a pic to share on social media.

Having guests come to stay is very exciting especially if it's family you haven't seen them in ages.  Unfortunately, A big winter storm swept through the country affecting so many states east of the Mississippi and all along the eastern seaboard.

NC was no exception and not only were their flights cancelled but all the airports in the state were shut down.  So much disappointment! On top of that we were trapped in the house for days while the wintery wind blew and it sleeted, snowed and icy rained.
It's rather disconcerting that despite all our technological advancements we are still very much at the mercy of the awesome power of nature.  

I consoled myself with comfort foods and tv.  I'm putting the finishing touches on a post about it and sharing easy recipes.  Above is a rather wonderful photo shared on Instagram by @newyork_instagram posted by @danilamednikov of Snowpocalypse 2016.

What I've been watching:

I finally used an HDMI cable to plug my laptop into the big tv and was able to watch Sherlock: The Abomidable Bride streaming on PBS for a limited time.  I tried watching it twice when it aired but fell asleep during it, both times.  I Love the show but there's something so hypnotic about it.  There were so many plot twists & things happening in the background, rich scenery, costumes and witty dialogue.  I'm a big fan of Mrs. Hudson and so enjoy the repartee between her and Sherlock.

Season 2 of Agent Carter premiered this week and Ems and I were glued to the tv in the parlor to watch it.  Not only is the storyline intriguing but the 1940's fashions, hairstyles and sound track are a constant source of wonder and delight.  Plus, I think I may have just a tiny crush on Jarvis! He's so suave & classy with that dreamy accent.  I do enjoy the witty banter in this show as well.  Definitely one of my favorite shows.

It feels good to get back to blogging!  My words don't come as easy as they once used to but it's like anything, it won't get done unless you make the effort.  I miss having that archive of my Life.

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  1. Your snow pictures are really pretty. I like the one of Daisy, she looks really cute! I'm glad you're back to blogging. The more you write, the easier it gets. I still can't believe I don't have a problem writing anymore!


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