Sunday, July 27, 2014

DIY - How to make a Fairy Garden

A Fairy garden is a magical way to brighten up a corner of your yard or patio. These mini gardens can fit anywhere and anyone can make one.  You don't need any special skills to do so.

It can be small or more elaborate with a little enchanted house in a fancy ceramic pot like this one I saw at a local home & garden show last spring.

Isn't there just something so captivating about them?

In my Hosta garden, the base of a tree turns into a Fairy garden with just a few small touches like these wooden doors we made from scrap wood. My daughter and I chose pretty shades of acrylic paint & glitter and painted them.  What a fun project to work on together!

Use moss, rocks, pretty shells to make paths.  
As you go on walks together around the neighborhood, park or even on vacation, be on the lookout for pretty stones, acorns, pinecones, feathers, leaves, shells, flowers and whatnot that you can collect and use to embellish your Fairy Garden.  
We even found a couple of intricately woven abandoned bird's nests 
{pictured above in the lower left corner}  
Aren't they a marvelous?
It's a great way to get children of all ages interested in nature, the stuff living all around them.
Let your Imagination go!

You can find small plants with tiny flowers or foliage like these pansies or Johnny jump ups that are pictured above.
I've heard Fairies like to drink dew from the flowers!

Inviting Fairies into your garden is as easy as providing a few touches of whimsey
that Fairies delight in finding!
Just have fun with it!

This image is from sitwithmeinmygarden

Be sure to add a trip to the craft store together with the kiddies to pick out moss, little statues, mushrooms, gravel, even faux bird's nests.

I found these special fairy accessories at craft & garden stores.

I think this kit was at Michael's


I found this clever idea on Pinterest, a simple gazing ball and stand. Paint a golf tee and glue a pretty marble on top - from

Here's some of the easiest plants to grow:

Monkey Grass or Liriope is the Botanical name for a tough as nails plant that can take sun or shade and doesn't need much water.  The leaves can be variegated or striped, black or just green and gets pretty purple flower spikes in late summer.

Creeping Jenny is another easy, versatile plant that grows well just about anywhere.  I like it's bright lime green colored leaves and how it looks draping out of it's container, softening the edge.

I find ferns so captivating but they need specific requirements met to thrive. They must have shade with only indirect sunlight and a lot of moisture.  
I think they are well worth the effort if you are up for the challenge.

The plant choices & possibilities are endless.  
Your only limited by your imagination!

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