Thursday, February 11, 2016

Finally February

January is such a long dull brown month.

Flower shopping.
Aren't Hyacinths incredible?
Their scent is quite amazing, like springtime itself.  When I came across this amazing tableau of all of them gathered en masse at Trader Joe's I just had to document the sight.
Now I use this photo as my wallpaper on my Galaxy S5.
 A visit to TJ's is always a treat. I love how there's the flower display right at the front door of my store, then there's all those beautiful fresh fruits & veg, too.

What I've been eating:

Ihop has had  all you can eat pancake special going on and I've got to eat here twice.  I ordered that same tasty breakfast both times and then went out thrifting afterwards with my fav people.

One morning I woke up with the word 


stuck in my head.  I recalled it was a polish word that reminded me of my childhood & my grammy but I couldn't quite recall what it meant, something about food.  
Thought I'd have to give my momma a call but I figured a 5am call would be inappropriate. So I whipped our my trusty Galaxy, said, "ok, Google" then questioned, "What is Nalisniki?"  Try it!
{I LOVE Google!!}
Turns out Nalisniki, say naaa LISH knee key it's Polish for pancakes or crepes. 
So i wonder if i dream on other languages??
Anyway, I've had a hankering for pancakes.
Don't you LOVE going out to breakfast?

Thrifty Finds:

I've found a great deal of nice books lately

I comb the shelves looking for anything that catches my eye, tickles my fancy.  I collect books.  I'm always on the lookout for beautiful old books, books with interesting covers, classic books and books by my favorite authors.  

I like to collect Pyrex & milk glass but only if I can get it for less than a few dollars.  Besides being useful I like the nice bright sunny happy colors of Pyrex.

My eyes almost bugged out when I spied that exquisite glass with the lovely delicate etching, and it was only .25!
Aren't maps cool?  And travel books are nice to thumb through when you want to dream about vacations in far away lands.  

Here's what I'm Obsessed With: 

Trader Joe's version of my beloved old fashioned candy treat, Swedish Fish.  
I think they're new.  
But these are yummier.  
Cool different shapes & flavors, each delicious and I ate the whole bag myself. 

So lots of great finds recently.  I discovered some Dickens, Daphne du Maurier, Jane Austen, Agatha Christie and a few Stephen King I didn't have yet.  Also spotted that pretty minty colored box from Target at the Goodwill.  It will be perfect to store my treasures in.

Here's my List of  -   Stephen King Book I Still Need:

Bazaar of bad dreams 11.3.15
Finders Keepers 6.2015
Joyland - June 2013
XDr. Sleep - September 2013
XJust After Sunset 2008
Green Mile 1997
X SKELETON CREW, a collection of short stories, Putnam, 1985
X THE TALISMAN, Viking, 1984 (co-authored by Peter Straub)
CUJO, Viking, 1981
FIRESTARTER, Viking, 1980
DANSE MACABRE, Everest House, 1980
THE DEAD ZONE, Viking, 1979
THE STAND, Doubleday, 1978
NIGHT SHIFT, Doubleday, 1978
THE SHINING, Doubleday, 1977
SALEM'S LOT, Doubleday, 1975
CARRIE, Doubleday, 1974

Just lately I've added some nice checks to my SK List so now,  I need to look for, find & obtain mostly the oldest books and a few of the newest titles.  

I'm a BiG FaN of List Making! 

I'm an idea person.  But I'm not so much a remembering person, so list making is a must. You name it, I have made a List about it!  About the only thing I can think of that I don't have a list for is a List about all my many Lists!

 What do you make Lists of?

I keep a folder on my computer entitled Books I've Read that houses not only my chronological list of books I've finished reading but also more lists of all the names of authors I like and each book they've wrote and year each book was published.  Then I check off the books that I've read, very tidy like.  

What I See When I Walk:

I adore sunsets.
Almost as much as sunrises.  
I like when the light goes all soft and pink and mysterious.
Like so many great moments, it's fleeting.

What's Blooming in my Garden:

I was so thrilled this cute Helleborus I planted a few years ago in the Fairy garden was finally was going to bloom.  With a name like, "Christmas Snow" I though for sure it would be lovely.  But it is quite boring as far a Helleborus go, no cute pink shading, no darling speckles or freckles like some of my other cultivars I grow.  The leaves are evergreen though, like my others, and are among the first welcome blooms.

Go ahead, use that pic for some adorable cellphone wallpaper!

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  1. Those hyacinths are so pretty! I need to plant more of them in my garden, I love how they look all clustered together. That's so funny you dreamed in Polish about pancakes. I think they have Polish on that Duolingo app, I've been meaning to try it out. I think we're in for some springtime weather next weekend so I am looking forward to that!


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