Thursday, February 25, 2016

Sipping Cappucino

To kick off my daughter, Sarah's Birthday weekend we decided to explore a new bakery downtown, called Tart Sweets, located inside a perfectly restored historic home on Fifth Street's Millionaires' Row.

Isn't it posh?
Just wait 'til you see inside!

Absolutely breathtaking architectural details, inside & out - everywhere you look.

The opulent rooms were bathed in sensational bright sunlight, so it felt warm and toasty despite the bitter cold & winter wind outside.

We reveled in the luxurious surroundings.   It felt so relaxing to sit there sipping our perfect cappuccinos, chatting away, nibbling treats.

A feast for the eyes, as well as your tummy.  We decided to share a huge hunk of something called Cookie dough Cheesecake Chocolate Chip Bar.  O YUM!

Those cupcakes sure looked enticing.  I meant to order one of those pretty heart shaped macaron but it slipped my mind.

Whenever I go to interesting places I like to try to imagine what it would be like to work in there, especially lately, since I've been job hunting.  It seems like it would be amusing to bake treats and make espressos for people in a gorgeous setting like this.

Here's what I like:

Awe inspiring views! I have an appreciation for architecture.  
And whenever I'm fortunate enough to get to spend time relaxing with my daughters, it is The Best!

I especially like to admire a good column.  These gorgeous Greek Ionic specimens exude ambiance.

There are 3 large romantic rooms for guests.  I read in Winston-Salem Monthly that they are planning to serve sandwiches and open a tea room in the future.  Can't wait to go back!

Afterwards we traveled further downtown 
to Mooney's Mediterranean Cafe for lunch.  

Sarah ordered falafel, which are deep fried chick pea balls, and these were so good, nice and crunchy.  I decided to get something different on the menu, something I hadn't had here before.  I ordered the Mousaka, which I was told was different than Greek Moussaka.  Their menu describes it as
"Eggplant, whole chickpeas, and onion stewed in a rich spiced tomato sauce."  It was incredible!  I'm still thinking about how delicious it was.  I'm sure I detected the flavor of cinnamon.  I wonder if I could try to recreate it at home?

I enjoyed every minute of this wonderful afternoon with my girls.  
You know it's going to be a good day when you find a terrific parking spot on the street Downtown and you manage to parallel park with ease.

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  1. This certainly was a cute little place, and the treats were so yummy! It was a fun day.


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