Saturday, April 19, 2014

Highlights of my week

Gosh, it's been a super busy few weeks.  I've been working on getting my business cards together to order.  I decided to arrange some of my niftier vintage pieces together and do a photo shoot that would promote the vintage rental aspect of my party planning business.   My daughter helped me with with the formatting using picmonkey, paint & Vistaprint.  Lots of kinks to work out and fiddle with!

I decided not to use this photo for my business card but it will be good to use as an inventory photo.  My next step is posting photos of all the inventory available for rent.

All the daffodils are just about finished blooming now but that just means more pretty things are blooming in my garden.  I miss them though!

I took this photo of my bookcase showcasing all my travel books I've collected.  Paris & San Francisco are definitely on my Dream vacation destinations.

 Emily & I hit the Starbucks after her orthodontist appointment so she could get a huge frappucino.  The iciness helps with the pain of getting her teeth adjusted.  She picked Java chip.  I thought she looked cute!
And the best news is...drums, please!  She might get her braces off in June!!!
Do you like my collage of Easter candies?  
The new Peep flavors were fun & yummy, but my all time fav Easter splurge is the white chocolate rabbit!  
I especially Love getting one after the holiday for half off!!
So what is your favorite holiday splurge?

Happy Easter!


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Highlights of my week

I've been obsessed with these adorable, white lace edge, metal plant pots from Ikea.  
I bought a bunch of them!  
At Christmas time I filled them with pretty pink or red poinsettias and tied them with red organza ribbon for festive decorations around the house and to give as gifts to friends, as well as teacher gifts.  
When your done with the plant you can fill the pot with pens & pencils, make up brushes & whatnot 
or get a new Springtime plant to fill it.  
Doesn't this pretty hyacinth look lovely and the aroma is divine!  

The Ikea planters come in all kinds of different sizes and recently they came out with a darling light pink pot and I've embedded a link so you can check them out. 
Now really, How cute is that?

Even if spring hasn't quite made it to your neck of the woods yet you can always get a little spring fever by adding a cute flowering plant to your window sill or desk.

I couldn't resist buying these charming posies.
They were only a few dollars each.  The African Violet will be blooming for months!  And even if I do manage to over water it or kill it another way, flowers that last for months for a couple of bucks is so worth it, ya know?  I'll definitely transplant the hyacinth outside into my flower garden.   


I've been watching:
Cabin in the Woods, Super 8 & Divergent

All are ridiculously scary/thriller movies that must be accompanied by 
copious amounts of popcorn, soda and Twizzlers!!!!

I've been lamenting:

The shooting of the character,Will Gardner on The Good Wife.  
Were you as shocked as I was? 
I did not see that one coming!  All I could think of was,

"O Captain! My Captain!"

I've been reading:

I recently discovered Kate Atkinson's mysteries by reading a review in Entertainment Weekly or the Costco monthly magazine.  Her stories are based in the UK and seem to follow a few of the same characters, which I like.  I'm enjoying the stories but I must say that the writing, at times, is pretty incredible and just blows me away.  Here's an excerpt from "When Will There be Good News?" by Kate Atkinson.

The only important thing is love

When everything else has gone, love still remains. 

Often, after one of her moments of sadness, Dr. Hunter would give her head a little shake, as if she were trying to get rid of something from it, and smile and say, "And yet we are not downhearted, are we, Reggie?" 

And Reggie would say, "No, indeed we are not, Dr. H."

Is that just beautiful?  It really spoke to me.  And there are a bunch of books in the series to read!
Now, where's my cup of tea?
No better way to relax than a cup of tea and a good book!
Have a good week, readers ♥