Monday, April 27, 2015

My To - Do List

Oh my stars!
April has been a very busy, exhausting, delightful month, but at times overwhelming.

Since I haven't had time to blog much I thought I would share my To - Do List, which is
my attempt to reign in the chaos of all the tasks that must be done asap.

I've always been a list maker. Not only does a list help me remember, I think it improves my productivity, keeps me focused.  Even if your list is long it will be very theraputic to see things get checked off, n'est-ce pas?

So here's mine...

To-do list 

Bring out tropical plants, palms, ferns, orchids & hanging baskets
Expand flower bed border, redo rock edge
Plant Easter lilies
Redo hose system
Put air in wheelbarrow tire, but the plastic thing that holds the tire is broke
Build new compost pile with new pavers
Round up trees growing by forsythia out at sw corner hedge, etc
get mower fixed
Mow leaves & grass
Mail birthday cards & pkg to Mary Ann
Germinate moonflower seeds, soak overnight
Finish taxes & file online
Empty ponds, clean leaves & refill
pump water off pool cover & rake muck
Call Dr., mom
Change light bulb candle in the windows
Dig up baby redbud transplant to front yard
Dig up pool Japanese maple and transplant to somewhere that gets more sun?
Repot both driveway & hosta fairy garden Japanese maples
Dig hole for new saucer magnolia and plant it
Transplant Encore azalea, hostas
Make apple crisps 
Bake cookies for gifts
Make Buddha soup
Clean Shower
Wash bedding
Watch the sunset on the veranda

Are you a list maker?

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