Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Highlights of My Week

Blooming in My Garden:

 I just Love how cute the pond looks especially when a Water Lily blooms.  
It's such a Delight!

 In June all the Lilies bloom in my garden usually starting with the ubiquitous, invasive orange daylilies that came with my house. I have so many that I've been planting them in the mowing strip at the curb because they are indestructible. 

Next to bloom is the Asiatic Lilies, like these gorgeous pink ones with the darling freckles.  

Then this showstopper bloomed!   
This fragrant Oriental Lily is named Stargazer. Isn't that a terrific name? 
I have to have them in my garden because their scent is quite breathtaking. 
All through June I get a kick out of strolling through the yard 
seeing what pretty flowers have bloomed in my garden.  
All my fancier daylilies will be blooming all over my yard soon 
in warm summer hues of yellows, peach, pinks and red. 
And I'll have more photos to share.

What I've Been Working On:

 It's time in NC to plant pumpkins so they will be ready to harvest in 
September and use to decorate or eat!  
I prefer to germinate seedlings using paper towel or paper napkins & zippy bags.  
It's super easy! 

I just dump the seeds on the paper towel, 

spray with water to drench it, 

fold the napkin over, 

stuff in the zippy bag and seal!

On the back of the seed packet it tells you how many days it could take to germinate 
and also how many days to maturation.  
I'll leave the bag in a warm place, like my kitchen counter where I can keep an eye on it 
and watch for them to sprout.  
As soon as one or more does sprout I'll pop them in some good potting soil and watch them grow.  
I like this method because the birds don't eat my seeds and then the bugs don't eat my seedlings. 
Have you tried it?

For the past few weeks we have been scrubbing and tidying up the house in anticipation of my daughter's Graduation Party, as well as family coming to visit and stay with us this summer.  
I like to have a house that is cozy, clean and inviting for my guests.  

While waiting to check out at Costco, I took a photo of my shopping cart filled with the cute cake I ordered for the party, flowers and party goodies.  Congratulations to Sarah!  I'm so proud of you!!

My constant companion ...

When I sit, blog or read out on the veranda she is right there sitting next to me.

Or when work out in the garden, Sookie is always near, ready to help or nap 
and if a box is involved -- all the better!
She's such a dear!  

What I've Been Watching:

We went to see 2 excellent Summer Blockbuster movies!

We Loved them both!  They were very well done, amazing visually with good, interesting story lines.

Can't wait to read:

I'm a BiG fan of SK !!!  I've been enthralled with his story telling since I was just a girl and have read every book he has written in the horror genre, not the Dark Tower stuff though.  I put in my request to read his newest book at my library and I am #46 in the queue!

What movies, books and flowers are you looking forward to this summer?

It's been Lovely chatting with you!