Sunday, September 21, 2014

What Inspires Me

Looking at this photo makes my heart soar!

Isn't it Fantastic?
Bet it smells fresh, earthy and wet.
The moss is so lush I feel like I could just reach out and touch it.
I imagine myself there walking, hiking or just day dreaming.

Looking at Beautiful things gives my mind a mini vacation. It raises my spirits, elevates my mood, fills me with wonder and gets my creativity bubbling.
What inspires you?


  1. I can see exactly what you mean with this picture, it is just beautiful! Looking a pictures like this gives my mind a mini vacation too.

    1. I founds this photo just flipping through Pinterest one day and thought, wow, now that's a photo!

  2. Ooh I love mossy paths too! I sometimes wish we lived more in the woods so we could just walk out our backdoors into nature!

    1. Yeah, there's something so fun and alluring about exploring in the woods. There's the fresh scent, the sound of the tree leaves fluttering in the breeze, birds singing. You might stumble upon some moss, mushrooms, wildflowers, cool rocks, you just never know what you'll find!


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