Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Ghosts Come Out

It's that spooky time of year again when the ghosts come out to haunt our houses.  Everywhere you go you see them hanging all over, especially in stores.  I confess, I get super excited when I see all the spooky decorations. This is how I haunt my house:

Here come my collection of the cutest little vintage wax candle ghosts made by the Gurley Company.

The little ghosts float right over to the kitchen cupboard that I like to decorate for every holiday.

We live in a hundred year old house so there are lots of ghosties that hover around.

This cute little bluish guy has haunted our veranda every October for over 20 years.  

That's my daughter, Emily, dressed up in her Ciel Phantomhive costume from Black Butler that she put together using thrift shop and attic finds.  She's standing by her pumpkin and my pumpkin's got some great coloring on it and it has a spooky ghost haunting it!

I'm crazy about this amazing spooky ghost cake!  
Isn't it fun to see silly spooky ghosts everywhere this time of year, even on cake?

A few more shots of the ghosties that are haunting our house.

All the photos were either taken by me, my awesome sister, Mary Ann 
or my Lovely daughter, Sarah. 

Visit her blog, Lostvestige for more of her fabulous photos.

or Google!


  1. I love seeing these cute little ghosts this time of year! It's hard to choose a favorite ghost, but I really like those candle ones. And that ghost cake is such a cool idea!

  2. Yeah those little wax ghost candles are just about the cutest thing. I Love unwrapping them from in their special box each fall. I'm always on the lookout for more but I hardly ever see vintage Halloween at thrift stores ...Boo!

  3. The house looks amazing, I love all those little ghosts everywhere. And what a brilliant looking cake!


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