Friday, October 31, 2014

Goodbye, October

Saying a fond farewell to this Fantastic month

This is a photo of me on my 3rd Halloween dressed up as an angel!  
I really loved that costume.  
The wings were sparkly plastic and they looked like heaven. 
I felt so pretty in it!  
Even though I had my winter coat on under my costume because we lived in the arctic, i.e. Michigan.

This is the only photo of me in a Halloween costume so I cherish it.
I got the original tiny photo blown up to two different sizes so I could do this scrapbook layout.
I have so many fun memories of Trick or Treating every year in our little suburban neighborhood when I was a little girl.  

I remember my dad taking us around 'begging'.  
He would pull my younger sister in the little red wagon until she was big enough to walk.  
One of my fondest Halloween Trick or Treating memories 
{besides getting a peek into everybody's home} 
was this house on our block that really went all out for the occasion.  

There were cool lights and spooky fog and a big huge cauldron on a tripod filled with candy set up in their front yard and guarded by the scary witches {aka..our neighbors}.  
It was rather daunting to approach but exhilarating at the same time. 

 My mom & dad went to a party at the Benton's next door to the spooky house 
and I remember thinking as I drifted off to sleep on their couch, 

This is a dreamy night!

My mom says that I was supposed to be born on Halloween but I was a week late.  
That's cool with me though, because it means that after all the exciting Halloween parties & doings are over with there's still my birthday to celebrate, prolonging the spooky fall fun 
until Crazy for Christmas begins.


  1. What a fun post! I enjoyed reading about what Halloween was like when you were little. I wish we had trick or treating photos, that would be really cool!

  2. I agree that would've been cool. I think the last year you all went Trick or Treating together I videotaped it, didn't I? I'll have to investigate that further! At least you have lots of photos of each Halloween with you and your girlfriends dressed up, being cute & crazy!


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