Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Old Salem in Fall

I'm Lucky, I live close to Old Salem

It's a historical village that has a few shops, bakery, tavern, 
lots of cobblestone and interesting architecture.  

I go there for walks in the morning when it is quiet and no one is around.

There's a water pump fountain in the town square and lots of folks walking around dressed in period clothing that work there.

I especially like Old Salem in the fall when the air is crisp, the leaves are turning colors and they crunch under your feet.

I also Love to go The Cobblestone Farmer's Market held every Saturday, 
9am-noon, May through November 
for fresh produce, eggs, baked goods, flowers and whatnot.  
Everything is arranged so beautifully.

It gets even more picturesque when the leaves start to change in October.

I LOVE how the folks that live here decorate their front steps.

Around Halloween there's a Jack O'Lantern carving contest, then everyone displays their carved pumpkin by setting them on the fence that surrounds the town square.  

The ambiance is incredible in the evening
when they are all lit with candles!  

My birthday is in November and it has become 
a new tradition to go for a sunset walk around,
then eat dinner at the Tavern in Old Salem.

Here is a photo my daughter, Sarah
of Lostvestige
took of the Tavern on the evening of my birthday dinner last year.  
I Love the way the moon looks shining above.

I usually order the same thing every time I eat here, 
Moravian Chicken Pie!
And maybe a cocktail ~ Cheers!

Then there's warm gingerbread cake with lemon sauce for dessert to share.

I ♥ Old Salem!!!

Just wait until I blog about it for the holidays.

All the photos were either taken by me, my awesome sister, Mary Ann
or my Lovely daughter, Sarah.

Visit her blog, Lostvestige for more of her fabulous photos.

or Google!


  1. what a beautiful place! i've always loved colonial history (well, really all history) especially during the fall. as school starts back up again, any american history classes are usually always teaching the 16 and 1700s during this time. i just love how this part of your town is, with the golden light, trees and a dramatic moon. it looks like you time traveled! thank you for sharing this.

    1. It is a truly beautiful place, Abigail, especially when the ambiance is magnified by the sound of the horse drawn carriage and they close off the square so there isn't a car in sight. You can imagine that you have stepped back in time. Thank you for commenting ♥

  2. I just love Old Salem in the fall! Although Christmas in Old Salem is pretty fun too, wouldn't it be cool to visit it in the snow? I am looking forward to your birthday dinner and even more excited to give you your present! :D

    1. Thank you, sweetheart! I've been looking forward to my birthday dinner there with you.
      Cheers to that, getting one year older + presents!!!


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