Sunday, October 19, 2014

Halloween Pets

I think my pets like Halloween.
They like us so they must Love this holiday as much as we do!

Here's Teddy relaxing on the veranda with Sarah's Jack o'Lantern.

Bella is ready for Trick or Treating!

Do you like Emily's costume?  
She is dressed as Um from Umbridge in Alice's red court dress. 

I Love this photo of Emily and Charlie the Bunny, he's a Netherland Dwarf.  
Aren't they cute?

Hello Cloud!  Isn't this a sweet photo of my daughter's beautiful cat who was helping be looking gorgeous for Sarah's Halloween party guests.

Zoe is always so curious.  It tickles me when she follows me all over the house.

All the photos were either taken by me, my awesome sister, Mary Ann 
or my Lovely daughter, Sarah. 

Visit her blog, Lostvestige for more of her fabulous photos.


  1. Those kitties and rabbits are so adorable, and it must have been such fun carving those pumpkins!

    1. Thank you so much, I just had to share these cute photos when I came across them!

  2. These pictures are so cute! That photo of Bella always makes me giggle. I actually have a very similar post coming on up Friday. Haha.

    1. You have had a LOT of practice taking pet photos, angel pumpkin baby. Keep up the good work! I cannot wait to see more of your wonderful photos ~xo ♥ mum


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