Monday, January 26, 2015

Here's What I Like

Lately I've been obsessed with ice cream cones.  Aren't they the cutest?

I  know it's the middle of winter and not really ice cream cone season.  Maybe I'm dreaming about the warmth of summer and missing the hot sunshine drenched ice cream cone eating days of.  I don't know, does anybody even eat ice cream, let alone ice cream cones in January?

If I had one of these adorable things it would satisfy 2 obsessions of mine, ice cream cones and cookie jar collecting.  I haven't made much headway with my cookie jar collecting lately having not added to my collection since 2012.  I do have some real cuties though.  I've been thinking about blogging about the many things I like to collect in a series of posts.  I wonder if other folks collect things they are obsessed with?

I think it all started when I was searching the internet for a cute phone case for my new Galaxy S5 {which I LOVE so much, btw}.  I couldn't decide on the pretty pink or the mint green.  
Which color should I get?

Or is this one even more adorable?
I ended up getting a pretty light lavender colored phone case that was half off when I ordered my 2015 planner from Kikki - K.  I'll post about my planner obsession soon.

For more images of ice cream cones visit my collection of Ice Cream Cone images on 
my Pinterest board - I Scream for Ice Cream.  Some day I'm going to find a posh shop that will serve green tea or Earl Grey or Lavender Rose flavored Ice cream.

Speaking of Earl Grey... isn't this the cutest tea tin?  
It just makes me happy!  
 I saw this image on my Instagram.  I'm a sucker for fancy tea in pretty tins.  Even once all the lovely fragrant tea is used up you still have a pretty tin left that you might use to store your collection of movie ticket stubs, buttons or whatnot.  And I do like Earl Grey tea, it's one my favorites.  I like Jasmine tea, too, but my all time favorite tea was called Summer Tea.  It was a British brand, I think, a black tea that had rosebuds and flower petals in it, some orange and lemon peel.  It had a wonderful aroma and tasted like sunshine in a garden.  

How cute is this?

Isn't this tiny baby Bonsai adorable?  

Looking at this makes me feel happy!
When I look at this I feel full of hope and an excitement for the future.  A future where I might, perhaps, be able to grow a Bonsai and keep it alive for many years.

What makes you happy?


  1. I adore ice cream things as well! They're so dang cute and looking at your pin board excites me! I remember when I was younger, one of my favorite things was to eat ice cream in the winter while shivering on the couch... Yeah, I was a bit strange..

    1. Ice cream is definitely one of those things that is as yummy as it is cute. I associate it with fun, happy times like vacations and holidays.


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