Thursday, February 5, 2015

Highlights of my Week

Thrifty Finds:

I'm excited to share some of great bargains I've found lately while scouring the favorite secondhand shops.  I found this collections of Hitchcock books for sale at the library for $1 each, so I scooped them all up!  The green pot was at Goodwill filled with caked on dirt but I knew it would clean up easily.  I think it was $1, also.  I'll use it as to hold my ever growing washi tape collection. 
Don't you LOVE a bargain?

I discovered this lot of goodies at my favorite Goodwill that just happens to be 5 minutes from my house.  The silverplate tray and milk glass vase were in pristine condition and only $2. The china tea cups, pink glass & white Fiestaware teacups were all .25 cents as were the saucers.  Another Goodwill I go to sometimes charges much more and rarely has anything as cool.

And last but not least is the Pyrex 043 size casserole I got from Megathrift for $5.  Pyrex is really a hot collectible besides being useful and durable for baking yummy treats for everybody.  At first glance I thought it was the spring green color just really dingy with lots of those weird black silverware marks that come from putting them in the dishwasher but I've had success scrubbing those marks away with Magic Eraser.  Unfortunately, this poor little casserole had all the clear coat finish worn away, as well as some of the Olive paint so it felt rough to the touch not smooth.  I used it anyway to transport some of my homemade mac & cheese as a surprise dinner for my daughter and her husband.  I really Love the 043 and 045 sizes and snatch them up whenever I see them.  So I learned a lesson to feel for the finish.

Here's what I'm Loving:
I think the candy boxes that Godiva does each year are really beautiful and it's my very favorite chocolate.  I've saved the pretty holiday candy boxes for years and years.  I dug out all my heart shaped candy boxes and vintage valentine decorations and started decorating the house.  I'll be posting photos about that soon.

How cute is that?
 and useful!

What I've been cooking:

It's been so cold and wintery lately that I've been making lots of stews and soups.  This particular batch was some chicken stew that is so very easy to make using a bag of frozen veg. mix that I usually have stocked in my freezer.

Easy Chicken Stew

1 bag of frozen veg. mix - I like the mix that has peas, corn, green beans and little cubes of carrot
1 c. frozen chopped onion
3 stalks celery, chopped up
1/2 tsp. garlic powder or 2 fresh cloves
1/4 c. flour
1 tsp. Italian herb mix
1 c. or more of cooked chopped chicken
1 16 oz. carton of chicken broth

salt & pepper to taste, perhaps some cayenne, especially if your throat is sore or you have the sniffles.

Saute first four ingredients on medium low heat with a splash of olive oil for about 15-20 mins until softened.
{You could also chop up potatoes or any other veg you wish.  Just be sure they get totally cooked.} Sprinkle flour onto cooked veg and stir well so everything wads up and just starts to brown.
Slowly pour in the chicken broth about 1/3 c. at a time stirring well in between so everything is incorporated.
Add chicken and let it come to a boil slowly.
Simmer on low for at least 15 mins.  Take a taste test to be sure the seasonings are spot on and all veg is cooked soft, no crunchiness.
Serve with biscuits for the best meal!

* If you only have raw chicken on hand you can boil it in your soup pot first using the carton broth to cover. Once your chicken is fully cooked let it cool on a plate in the fridge for at least and hour then chop it up.  Pour off the broth into a large pyrex bowl or 4 c. measuring cup and set aside. Now you can start at the beginning of the recipe.

I'm obsessed with:

Washi Tape!
I've been on a washi tape hunt of late looking for it everywhere I go.  And not just in craft stores, mind you, even Dollar Tree sells washi tape and it costs only a dollar a roll there. There's so many lovely washi and I WANT it all!

What I've been Reading:


I've been going through a reading dry spell lately but I saw this on the 'New Books' shelf at the library and grabbed it.  I've read all her books and I do enjoy a good mystery.

What I've been watching:

Downton Abbey is my most favorite show on tv lately.  It airs Sundays, 9pm on PBS.  It's such a well done show!  It's got superb acting, exciting drama, amazing costumes, and such lush sets.

Did you notice Lady Rosamund's terrific hat during episode 5 of season 5?!
Always a pleasure to watch but  I always feel disappointed when the show comes to an end each week because it's so good I just want to keep watching!

Another show we've been enjoying is Agent Carter.  Have you seen it?

The series just started in January and airs Tuesdays, 9pm.  I'm a Marvel geek, love all the stories, tv shows and movies.  This one is very good, interesting story lines, set in the 1940's so I'm LOVING the costumes, hair, makeup and music.  I just adore that era.

I'm really Loving this image:

imagine a warm summer night, perfect

I'll leave you with this nice quote:

enough said, eh?

Hope your week was a good one!


  1. What neat stuff you found! I love the bonsai pot. The soup looks really good, I'd like to try and make a veggie version!

    1. Thank you! I LOVE soup & good thrifty finds ♥


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