Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Highlights of My Week

How my Garden Grows:

One of my Moonflower vines finally bloomed! 
All summer I've been watering the vines all that I've coaxed from seed.  They don't usually bloom until late summer {I wish it was earlier!} but September is rather tardy, especially when I'm so looking forward to seeing these dazzling huge beauties.  
Moonflowers are a night blooming vine 
and the flowers are always white, about 8" across and have a
 wonderful light scent of Twilight with a touch of Jasmine mixed with vanilla.  
Each flower only lasts one night and fades in the morning.

Here's what I'm Reading:

I Love a good mystery! 
And this author writes these stories set in Crozet, Virginia 
{where we visited this summer} 
and part of the mystery is told, as well as, solved by the heroine's 3 delightful pets! 
There's a Corgi named Tucker, 
Mrs. Murphy is a tiger tabby cat and Pewter is a cantankerous grey cat.  
Such a fun read!


Lately, we've been on a roasted vegetable kick.  It's so easy!
And the taste is incredible.

Doesn't that look pretty?  
Chop up bell peppers, red onion, zucchini, portabello mushrooms, carrots, 
any veg really!
Then toss with some olive oil and spread the veg out on a parchment lined baking sheet, 
sprinkle with some garlic salt and roast them under the broiler until they start to brown.

Here's what we're OBSESSED with:

Making Roasted Veg Burritos!  
Arrange the veg on a soft tortilla and sprinkle with some Cheddar Jack shredded cheese mix. Microwave for 1 minute, then roll up and enjoy.  
Sometimes I'll smear some yogurt on the tortilla before I put the veg on.


Here's Emily dressed up as Lightning from Final Fantasy 
for an Anime Convention she went to with her Bff.  
And the coolest thing is she made the costume!  
She found the brown skirt & turtleneck at Goodwill, chopped them up and added zippers.  Then she got the fabric for the vest, cape and gloves and sewed them, embellishing using buckles, buttons, belts and clasps.  
I think she is so clever, creative and talented.  
PS that's an Arda wig she styled.

Even though this costume turned out so cool she is thinking about dressing up as one of those 
creepy nurses from Silent Hill for Halloween!  

For me, I'd Love to dress up as a 50's era nurse 
a la "Call the Midwife" & "Breathless" from BBC / PBS - think blue shift dress and apron, cape 
and of course that darling nurses cap!  

So what are your ideas for your Halloween costume?

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  1. ooh those roasted veggies look so good. I have been obsessed with eating carrots dipped in hummus- I'm eating that right now! I love moonflowers, maybe next year I'll have a good place to grow them from.


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