Tuesday, May 20, 2014

My Mother's Day

The fun started Saturday evening

We traveled Downtown to see the artsy movie, Grand Budapest Hotel at the a/perture. My friend, Christi, drove so as a passenger I could check out the happening scene all down 4th street. There were lots of people out, loads of cool restaurants with crowds dining al fresco. I saw that Mediterranean Cafe that I want to try which is across from Camino Bakery, both of which I follow on Instagram now. 
Are you as obsessed with Instagram as I am?
The movie was packed, silly, funny, British & beautiful!

On Sunday we went to church at St. Leo's again.

It's a beautiful Cathedral with wonderful Gothic architectural details, glorious stained glass windows and statuary, even lovely flowers and a sheep statue decorating the altar.  I feel incredibly pious and closer to God in those surroundings.

Afterwards, I picked lunch at Hong Kong King All YOU Can Eat Chinese Buffet.  We all like it and I hoped it wouldn't be too crowded.  None of the chain restaurants take reservations and I knew we'd be starving!  
No mom wants anything to do with cooking on mothers day, am I right ladies?  
We scarfed down heaps of fried shrimp, beef & broccoli, General Tsao's chicken, crab rangoons, egg rolls and a bunch of honeydew melon chunks.  
After eating all we could, 
we came home for a rest.
I snuggled on the couch for a bit with The Fab Four, aka my pets, reading and digesting.  I kinda felt like I'd surely never would be hungry again!

Later my oldest daughter, Sarah & her husband, Steve came over to visit.  We chatted about things catching up on our plans and recent activities.  We decided to order pizza and enjoyed watching AFV, America's Funniest Videos together, just like old times.

I think this picture of Sarah walking through my garden 
during the golden hour is rather magical.
We took some photos for her blog, lostvestige 

Here's a photo of my Mother's Day Treats:

How Cute is that?
These are all my favorite things.   
I absolutely adore Tea!
I first saw this new tea on Pinterest and pinned it to my board named "Try This!"
My daughter, clever girl, must have noticed and decided to surprise me, thank you sweetie!!!
I couldn't wait to sniff this tea and brew it up.  The scent is redolent of panettone, the delicious Italian Christmas bread!  Lots of vanilla and a smidge of citrus. It's Divine!

If you'd like to try this tea, too, here's the info:

Our The Republic of Tea Downton Abbey Estate Blend Tea Tin is a must-have when inviting Lady Grantham over for gossip. Classic Earl Grey black tea is blended with bergamot, orange oil and exotic vanilla for a lingering finish, it's sure to add a little more intrigue to any event. Enjoy this robust tea with or without milk. Delicious served hot or as an iced tea.

I thought the description was delightful!

But the best part of all was just hanging out with my favorite people, just talking, spending time together, eating food & laughing. 

One of my fondest most memorable Mother's Day was when Sarah was a toddler. 
Could it have been 1993?  
I hosted a brunch at our home in Ferndale, Michigan inviting my mom, younger sister & brother. I remember we had mimosas to drink with my Favorite Martini & Rossi Asti Spumante with fresh squeezed orange juice.  
It was just so Lovely to sit outside on the deck, enjoy the spring day and relax with my loved ones. It feels so nice to do something sweet for someone you Love, doesn't it?
Just a perfect day.  
That was the year my hubby surprised me with an antique doll nestled in tissue paper & wrapped up in a vintage box.  It was really cool and thoughtful.  I think I had already ordered some jewelry for me!  Let's see, the first year was the huge cz earrings, next was the tennis bracelet... hmm 

Anyway, I hope your Mother's Day was memorable.  What did you do to make it special?
Lovely chatting with you...
Have a cute day ♥


  1. Wow I had no idea you had pinned that tea! That's funny. When I saw it at the store I just knew you would like it! I like that memory, it would be fun to go back and time and visit with you guys back then! Hehe

    1. OMG you are even more clever than I thought! Glad you know me so well, Sarah.
      BTW you can kinda go back in time cuz I think there is some video footage!
      ~ xo


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