Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Iris are in Bloom!

I have so many favorite flowers and Iris is definitely on that list.

I was fortunate enough to inherit a pretty 2 tone purple iris that was growing in the yard when we bought our old house 20 years ago.  So I have transplanted and divided it up so much it is all over my garden and neighborhood.

Here's a nice photo of a different shade of purple bearded iris that is a deeper richer color with more of a plum.

This variety was a gift from another gardener that wanted to rip out all her flowers and only grow veggies!

This sky blue Iris' petals are so pretty.  I Love the way it looks next to that hosta.  There is a lovely yellow Iris that grows in my garden but I can't seem to find a photo.

When  the bearded Irises are just about finished the Siberian Irises start blooming.

The Siberians are so prolific & happy nestled in and around the pond I need to divide them every few years to keep them blooming well. I probably should've turned the pond on before taking this photo!

I'm always on the lookout to collect different colors of Iris so if you have any to trade, email me!!!

Next up to bloom will be the Japanese Iris.  Mine are situated in a spot that has gotten crowded and is rather shady as of late.  I need to dig them up and divide them, too.
Check back later to see what is blooming next in my garden.
Gardengal ♥


  1. I love all of your iris'! I never realized that two toned purple one came with your house, that's too cool! I just bought a purple and yellow one the other day, although I'll have to wait until next year to see it bloom.

  2. Ooooh I ♥ that purple & yellow Iris! Where did you buy it? Did you plant it on your slope? I used to have an Iris like that but I lost it! Seems weird but it stopped blooming or I accidently ripped it out.
    You do have some of the two toned purple Iris don't you?


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