Saturday, May 24, 2014

Highlights of My Week

I've been Watching:

Call the Midwife & Mr Selfridge on Masterpiece Classic on PBS

Such great shows!

OMG the season finales were so heartwrenching!   Tears for both!
But now they are over with and PBS will be airing Masterpiece Mystery! which I also LOVE to watch.

Poirot, Endeavour, Silk, Law & Order UK
and some new mysteries that I've never seen called The Escape Artist with David Tennant, aka The10th Dr! That should be interesting and also a show called Breathless that looks retro, sultry like Madmen.
Who doesn't Love a mystery?

I've Been Reading: 

Another book in the good mystery series by Ms. Atkinson that takes place in the UK.  I mostly read at bedtime to relax and get sleepy, part of my bedtime ritual.  You do have a bedtime ritual don't you?

I've been drinking:

collecting my inspirational Oprah quotes & trying to earn some Bonus Stars during the Summer Star Dash!

New Nail Polish:

Cute new scented line from Revlon in these adorable bottles.  Have you tried them?  I bought Wintermint for the obvious reason, I ♥ mint green and this one is a very Lovely soft green with blue sparkles, very mermaid and summery + it has a slight mint scent for 1 day.  I feel Like I need to collect some more of these!

 Blooming in My Garden:

 This is a shrub called Mock Orange that has gotten quite big and is covered with these adorable tiny white bell shaped flowers that are lightly sweet scented.

 Little baby peaches that look so fuzzy & cute!  This is the most fruit I've ever seen on this tiny peach tree.  I've been doing a bit of pamepering to it, feeding, mulching, trimming and such.  I even planted a fig tree next to it recently so it has a fruit bearing friend.  It just so happens that this one area of my garden receives the most sun so I'm taking advantage of that.
This interesting plant has many funny names but I've always known it as Jack in the Pulpit.  I have a nice clump of it nestled in with the hellebores next to the pond.  I first saw this unique looking plant when I was child  we found it growing in the woods way way way behind our house when we lived in the country.  Sometimes in the summer we would hike down the dried up creek bed, be gone for hours & hours exploring the fields and woodlands.  Do you remember that, dear sister?

This is Memorial Day weekend, the official kick off to summer and all the flag flying patriotic holidays coming up.  I found my American flag and hoisted it up so it can wave from the veranda again.  I think it looks nice while honoring all the soldiers that fought and died serving our country. Give a jaunty salute!

I'm looking forward to lots of summer parties, graduations, BBQ, get togethers, vacations and family visits.

I Love spending time on the veranda, 

sipping a cold drink, working on my blog...
or reading & waiting to catch a breeze.  If you're lucky it will be sweetly scented by honeysuckle or magnolia blossom which I think has a slight lemony scent.
In the evening, it's a good spot to watch for fireflies or...
                                                                 just sitting watching the world go by.

How are you spending your Memorial Day Weekend?

Thanks for chatting,
♥ Michelle


  1. this weekend my family and i have been relaxing and working in the garden. its been a bit cool and rainy, so it doesn't feel much like summer. looking forward to helping my 90yr old grandma decorate her family graves across the state. they're in a super old cemetery and i love exploring the 200 year old dates.
    what a beautiful picture you've painted of your days for us. your house and garden are so beautiful and charming. hooray for peaches! they don't do well in Kansas, but i hope one day to have a tree. there is just nothing like a good summer peach. we do have an apricot tree, and the apricots are no bigger than my thumb right now, but very promising!

    1. Thank you so very much for your thoughtful comment and encouragement.
      Ha, we just bought some gorgeous apricots at Whole Foods the other day {so good! } but it would be fantastic to grow your own! What's better than munching on fresh from the garden veg, like a big juicy heirloom tomato, that is still warm from the sun?! I'm looking forward to seeing some more fantastic photos posted on your blog, especially the apricots. What else do you grow in your garden?

  2. A mint scented nail polish? How cool! I'm glad that little peach tree finally has some peaches on it! I remember eating the one tiny peach it grew, probably the second year we had it. That was a long time ago! I like how the fig tree is it's "fruit bearing friend" Hehe. I will have to try blogging outside sometime, it sounds lovely!

    1. Thank you, Sarah! The BEST part is that nail polish has been on since last Friday and it still looks good, NO Chips!! Hard to believe despite mowing, dishes, showering, gardening, etc
      I'm pretty excited about the all the peaches on the tree, at least a dozen or more.
      And I definitely recommend blogging al fresco, good inspiration!


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