Sunday, November 23, 2014

Holiday Traditions

This time of year is always so busy!

We've been packing up all the Halloween Decorations and storing them in the attic and cellar.  To be efficient, while I'm putting away Halloween, isn't it a good idea to bring out the Christmas stuff?

That's a Lot of trips up and down steps!
There's school, studying and raking SO Many Leaves!  

I don't have very many Thanksgiving decorations.
So the few that I have are grouped together in a corner of the dinning room on the china cabinet. 

This year I've found something new and added the crowning touch to my Thanksgiving display for a mere $3.  On instagram I noticed  this cute banner in a photo @ginasnest took of her fireplace mantle decorations. 
How Cute IS That?  
I immediately 'followed' her and asked where she got it.  She said it was at Target. How much do I LOVE Instagram?  It's great for inspiration!

I do have a few Thanksgiving traditions.  
I like to eat a slice of pie in the morning and count my many blessings. 

Then watch the parades on tv while I'm cooking and baking food for the feast.

 I still get excited when I see that big turkey float!

And those Big Head Pilgrims!!

I Love Snoopy, too!
In fact, my favorite Peanuts special is the Thanksgiving one.  
I absolutely Love it when Snoopy makes his version of Thanksgiving dinner.  
What a hoot!

Good music, too.

It's a new tradition for all of us to go to the Albertson's house on Thanksgiving & Christmas.  
They are my daughter's husband's dear parents, Jackie & Eugene.   
I Love being part of their big family!

Here's a photo of beautiful Ms. Jackie in her warm kitchen with Aunt Francesca rearranging the smorgasbord of the Thanksgiving Feast!

My contributions are cornbread pudding, applecrisp and cranberry sauce.  I've perfected my cranberry sauce recipe over the years.  It's really more of a spicy jam and goes great with bread and turkey sandwhiches.

While it's cooking and bubbling away there's such a delicious scent in the air.  
It's the aroma of Christmas right around the corner.

So what are you looking forward to most about Thanksgiving?  

I hope your holiday is filled good food and fun with family & friends!


  1. I miss the fun Thanksgiving mornings at your house! Next year I definitely want to come over in the morning and watch the parade and eat snacks, remember they would always have the dog show on after the parade?

    1. Those traditions are so much fun and I look forward to them every year, as well as look back on with fondness!


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