Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Highlights of my Week

How My Garden Grows:

Our peaches our getting a blush

Tiny baby pumpkin and gourds growing in my garden.  
I'm enamoured by how cute they are! 
It's so fulfilling watching something grow from a tiny seed.

Thrifty Finds:

I'm CRaZy about dishes.  I don't know why.  
Maybe because they are pretty as well as useful.  I found the Depression glass plate at Goodwill for $1! 
I  have been collecting 'Florentine Poppy' since I was just a girl so I recognized the pattern right away.  
Got the Pyrex casserole real cheap, too, but there was no lid with it.

 Found these great used books

I saw this adorable polka dot glass on a shelf and snatched it right up!  Never mind that the dots are pink and metallic gold, really now, How Cute is That?!  I found the perfect spot for it on my kitchen cupboard shelf.  Is it too pretty to use?

Found an unusual piece of milk glass to add to my collection

Here's what I've been reading:

So many new good books came out recently from some of my favorite authors.  Then my hold requests for them came through at our library all at once it seems like.  Lucky me, time for some summer reading!

Sookie doesn't seem to enjoy sharing the couch with me while I'm reading.  I like to put my feet on her!  She gave me that funny look, like she was thinking, Really Lady? So I had to snap a few  pics of her sweet silly beautiful face.

Things That Make Me Smile:

Just the other day I got this sweet book as a gift from my daughter, Sarah.  
How Cute is that?  
Two of my Favorite things rolled into one!  It's a parody of the show which makes it all the more funny.
The gray kitty on the back cover {on the right} must be Bates because it has the cane and the ball & chain would cause him limp like Bates.  

The kitties reenact key scenes like this infamously scandalous scene when the Count has the bad manners to drop dead in Lady Mary's boudoir!  She and her maid must sneak his body out!!
                                  ~ Thank you my dear angel kitten pumpkin gumdrop

 On my To-Do List:

Don't you love soft glowing twinkling lights?  
These stars look so pretty and festive 
and I have just the window !

Found it on Pinterest, don'tcha know?

It's the little things isn't it?

Here's what I've been listening to:

One Republic - Love Runs Out 

I just can't seem to get enough of this song!
Listening to it makes me feel good.
When I hear a song I like I just want to listen to it over and over again.  
Does this happen to you?

Have a Lovely Week!
Thanks for chatting,
♥ Michelle


  1. Those peaches look gorgeous, and very cute little pumpkin. Great finds, especially that polka-dot glass, too pretty. And how funny is Downton Tabby? My mother has the same book!

    1. Thank you, I cannot wait to taste them! The allure of thrifting is finding those gems at discount prices, ya just never know what you are going to get.

  2. Eee those peaches are too cute! I love your neat thrifty finds, they're very pretty!

  3. Ooh your peaches!! Those look so good. I have always been so in love with peaches and i wish so much that i had a tree of my own.
    The depression and milk glass is beautiful. I dont have much of an interest in dishes yet, but my mom loves them so i can appreciate them.
    Cut finds indeed!!

    1. I'm glad to have this photo of the peaches because some creature had the audacity to abscond with every last one of them, leaving only the pits on the ground around the tiny tree!!
      ~ Ah well such is life
      And i thank you for your comment!


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