Thursday, August 7, 2014

Here's What I'm Looking Forward to...

So it's August, right?
It's hot outside, there's a LOT of bugs and its Back to School Time.
So here's what I'm looking forward to:


The end of August is apple picking time in NC.

Emily and her bff getting ready to fill those bushels to the brim with delicious fresh picked apples!

I love how the rows of apple trees look.

Apples are so yummy!  Do you have a favorite variety?

In September we like to go to the Apple Festival held at Bethabara Park.  There's lots of good food, music, animals & Lots of  Apples.  Maybe this year Emily, my daughter, will be able to eat a caramel apple if she gets her braces off by then!

Or an apple dumpling will be yummy if not.

I'm not only dreaming of cooler temperatures, that crisp-ness in the air, but the changing colors in the leaves!

This stunning photo was captured by my daughter, Sarah, during that magic hour of twilight.  
To see more of her photography check out her blog, Lostvestige  

Don't you just want to jump in the photo and take a walk in the falling leaves?

I absolutely Love the crunchy sound the leaves make, especially when I'm walking in Old Salem.

Even better if I'm sipping a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks!

So, what are you looking forward to?


  1. I am really excited for all kinds of apple treats! I can't wait to finally be able to go to the apple festival again :)

  2. Yes, mark your calendar for 9/20 and keep your fingers crossed for nice weather!
    One of my fav apple treats is homemade my bran muffins with apple chunks, remember them?
    We should do another baking/ blog post together!


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