Saturday, April 2, 2016

March Madness

I always look forward to spring time.  Winter is soooo LONG.  Thankfully the dreary winter weather usually clears up in my wonderful area and 
March heralds all the signs of springtime.  
Little by little the days start getting longer.  You notice that it's 6pm and it isn't dark yet! You become aware of birds singing, starting before dawn and continuing on throughout the day.  
And best of all, warmer weather.  
We'll start to get a few days with temps in the 70's which is always a thrill.

The grass will seem greener, less drab.

Little shoots of springtime bulbs will start popping up all around my garden.

I snapped this photo on march 1st showing the 'Ice Follies' daffodils that had popped up and started to bloom in my garden.  This is a patch that gets sun all day with a southern exposure and is surrounded by the concrete of the of the driveway and the pool area which creates a warmer little micro climate giving them a jump on the springtime show that is a welcome sight.

Thrifty Finds:

This cute Agatha Christie book appeared in one of the second hand shops I frequent on the same day I discovered a terrific new flavor of Peeps that I knew I had to try.  

How cute is that .25 cent teacup?
I like to arrange my finds and take a photo so I will be able to remember when I got them.  Sometimes, like in this instance, I like the arrangement so much I keep some of my finds together. I found that little jewelry chest for such a great price I couldn't pass it up. It had some horrible sticky packing tape wrapped around it to keep the drawers closed and intact I suppose but it left a gooey mess and stain so I supposed that's why no one wanted it.  I think it looks adorable on my kitchen counter now, especially with the darling little Watership Down book displayed on top of it and the faux jadite bowl I got from World Market, recently.  I think it will be great to keep tea bags in. 
The whole arrangement just says Springtime to me.   
The Holly Hobbie dolly was only .50 cents and she's in perfect condition.

I thought she would be happy reunited with her sisters Heather, Carrie, Amy and friend, Raggedy Ann nestled in with the other dollies in my collection that I keep in a vintage wicker baby doll buggy.

Found this practically pristine gem of a wheely suitcase for a great price that I thought would come in handy on future travels.  It's within the carry on bag criteria that states baggage must measure less than 22" in length x 14" wide x 9" high. 

And it goes great with ...  

Happy Mail:

My fantastic sister sent me the gift of this gorgeous Lo & Sons OG bag.  She had been admiring them for some time and finally felt it was time to splurge on one, to celebrate her new job, with the added bonus of a super sale price.  She had so much fun shopping online she decided to order up one for me as well!

          Photo of my sister & I on the Golden Gate Bridge, at sunset, walking across it 11/2015.
                                                                How cool is that?
She is an absolute dear!  
I feel so Lucky to have such a wonderful thoughtful darling sister.
Sister Forever!
Now we are ready to jet somewhere, European Vacation here we come!!!

What's Blooming in my Garden: 

One of the most terrific plants in my garden are the Hellebores. Not only are they evergreen, but they bloom early, before anything else, and stay in bloom for many weeks.  Some of the most charming varieties have these sweet little freckles.  Later, the flowers form seed pods, adding interest well into the summer.  Then this magnificent plant self sows so you can have even more Hellebore for your garden or to share with friends.

Another early bloomer in my garden are the Camellia bushes that surround the veranda with their white, red and coral blossoms that resemble a rose.  Unfortunately, they don't have a scent.   We inherited them when we bought the house in 1994.  I added this stunning pink blossomed bush at least 5 years ago and this is the first year that it has bloomed with a remarkable amount of luscious baby pink flowers.  Looking at it makes me smile.

Once a year this magnificent giant saucer magnolia tree blooms in my yard filling the air with the sweet scent of it's big pink blossoms.

What I See When I Walk:

Daffodils everywhere!

I enjoy walking down Main street turning on Cascade and seeing this charming storybook house in Washington Park.  It looks even more positively dreamy when all the daffodils bloom along its curving front walk.

Lately, I've had the pleasure of taking a few walks with my friend, Donna.  On a cold day, we met at Reynolds House & Gardens

to take a brisk, almost 2 mile stroll around the grounds even crossing over to Graylyn.

It's a beautiful old castle like estate that is a hotel and venue now for receptions.

I like taking pictures of interesting things like this pool house.

And these magnificent gates.

Remarkable mossy stone.

I captured a few early spring shots around of the grounds.

Tree Magic.  
I like the way the bare branches look against the sky.

The peaceful woods at Reynolda house are covered with spring blooming Snowdrops & daffodils.

Anyways, that's what March Madness means to me.   
Spring time changing the landscape from dreary to lush, all in a space of a few weeks in March.


  1. I love seeing all the new spring flowers popping up in the garden every day! I definitely want to add some Hellebores to my garden, I need some more early bloomers. :D That's a great suitcase, which reminds me, I need to make sure we can fit everything in our carry on suitcase before we leave...


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