Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Treats after a Hectic Week

I went back to school this week for a class hosted by the DOT, that's a gov acronym for the Department of Transportation.  I applied for a job as a school bus driver and there are many things you need to train for to do that job. First of which is taking a class to learn the basics on driving in order to get my CDL license with S & P endorsements and pass the written test. 

It was so cold and windy outside, there was a breeze of cold air coming through the cracks around our front door.  So I taped some insulating foam to keep it out.

Since the wind was howling and I was stuck inside.

Full of nervous energy about the impending storm and my upcoming busy week going back to school I decided to make apple dutch baby, for the first time 💖🍎💞 

Got the idea to try making it after seeing a post on my instagram.  
I had never even heard of Dutch Baby before that morning! 

The first photo on the left is with all the ingredients in the frying pan just before it goes it the oven.  Check out all that cinnamon spice beauty
The next 2 shots are just after the Dutch Baby gets out of the oven.  It poufs up like a souffle with yummy caramel-y apple Goodness.  
What a knockout dish!! 

Thanks for the idea @winsome_ginger ! 

What I've been cooking:

I, also, made up a big pot of pea soup so we could have ready made food all week.

I'm kinda over the winter wonderland look but I thought the puppy footy prints were cute 

All the schools were cancelled due to another blasted snowstorm.  My class was pushed to the next day causing me to have to rearrange my schedule a bit since I wouldn't be able to take Emily to her classes on Thursday.
How come all my BiG exciting plans are thwarted, lately, by snowstorms?!

The next morning I arrived on campus before the 8:30 am start time only to find out that since the schools were on a 2 hour delay, due to the winter weather, our class wouldn't start until 10 am.

So I killed time looking for thrifty finds and was rewarded by discovering these treasures just waiting for me.

Thrifty Finds:

Nice score, cute lamp base, handbag, dvd and books.  Mary Stewart has all those great books about Merlin and King Arthur.

Ps I packed my lunch items in that sweet little brown shopping bag leftover from Christmas. My son in law drew that pic on one of his gifts to wifey {my daughter}  It was too cute to throw away.
{I never throw anything away that still has some usefulness}
It sure did lift my spirits whenever I spotted it during this hectic week.

Here's what I'm Loving:

I packed these in my lunch bag so I brought a few of these to nibble on.  
I found them at Target for $1.49

The next morning I was in for quite a shock. 

Wake around 6am, still dark, first thing I see when I get downstairs and walk in the kitchen is 
my dome light is on in my car 
that is parked in my driveway and a guy is sitting in there! 
Right in the driver's seat with the door open.  
I called 911! 
That adrenaline rush / fight or flight response is nuts!  My hands were shaking so bad it was difficult to dial. 
The operator asks if I can still see him,  my house is dark inside, I know he can't see me and I give a description.  As I'm describing what he's doing he gets out shuts the door and 
walks across the street.  He pauses briefly in front of my neighbor's house but they've got 4 outdoor lights burning brightly so he moves on, walking down my street out of my sight.  Then I see a cop car zoom by, no sirens, maybe only 2 minutes have elapsed since I placed my 911 call. 
I thank the operator, grateful for her help.
After another few minutes, I see a flashlight bobbing around my car, then a cop came to the back door saying they caught the guy a block away & he admitted he was going thru cars probably looking for money or electronics to pawn. He lives down main street. 
Thank you to the WSPD for the quick response!!!
 I didn't notice anything missing from my car, my Aldi quarter was still in the drink holder, along with a few pennies & my granny sunglasses that ya put on over your eyeglasses.  
I never felt in any real danger, just shocked.  
What a morning!
There was probably only a 2-4 minute window of time to even notice that dome light on in my car & the reason why.  And I just happened to be heading in to the kitchen for my morning coffee at the very same time.  
When I first noticed the dome light on, my thought was,  O Golly, was I so exhausted I left it on last night - wait! And the door open too?!
Funny the stuff that goes through your head. 
Bad guy! Good ending though.  I'm pressing charges.
And keep the back door light on all night.
Then I had to get back to studying ...and drinking my coffee.

After ~ 6 hours of class time, I drive home, grab some soup for dinner and then study hard all evening until I was so tired it was time for bed.  I only had 2 days to learn this stuff.  On the third day was the test.

 Class is kinda long & boring but i have to pay attention, there's a lot of info to go over for test. 

We need to get 80% correct on 4 different tests on driving general knowledge, school bus, air brakes & transporting passengers safely. 
All my hard work studying paid off. 
I passed all my 4 written tests!!! was grueling but now i feel like celebrating!!!
So relieved to be done with that part at least!
I made it over the first hurdle ~Whoohoo! 
In the afternoon we finished bloodborne pathogens & did the drug test .  

Next step will be to get to get an employee physical & TB test, 
I have to wait for papers from Raleigh before I get my physical then get that paperwork turned in, wait to get scheduled for the
3 days Behind the Wheel Training & pass the skills test.
Next step then is to go to DMV to apply for my CDL permit, that'll cost $144! 
  After all that there's a mandatory 14 day waiting period before I'd be employable. 

So wish me luck!

After such a busy hectic week I decided to pick up a Little Caesar's deep dish pizza on the way home from picking up my daughter to celebrate my scholastic victory.  
Boy, was that a treat!  I pigged out on 4 pieces.

The next evening we went out to celebrate some more with Sarah & Steve.  They both had good news this week, too. Sarah just found out she got the job with Wake Forest she had applied for and Steve had just finished up a big project.  Mazel!
They treated us to a Lovely meal at Ichiban Japanese Restaurant.   Sarah & I ordered sushi and  shared some of our choices.  I forget what they all were called but it all tasted excellent especially with the ginger shavings which I'm crazy about.
I wish I would've gotten a photo of the gigantic bowl that Steve's pho was served in.  

Afterwards we took a brisk stroll down to Dewey's Bakery for dessert treats.  I had a hard time deciding what to choose with all the gorgeous goodies available.

I LOVE looking at cupcakes almost as much as I like eating them.

How cute are these little chocolate ganache heart shaped cakes?

Next stop on our stroll down Thruway shopping Center was the pet store.  We watched the fish, petted a couple of kitties and I was enthralled with these beautiful birdies.  Their color is stunning, isn't it?  Thank you for a Fun evening!

Can't stop thinking about this cute mug I saw at Dewey's Bakery. 
Don't you LOVE it?  My birthday isn't for months and months.

yep, I gave my hair a chop.


  1. That was quite a busy week but I'm glad you made it through! Those were all really yummy treats. I really liked the Dutch apple baby pie!


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