Friday, March 14, 2014

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring!

Come on spring!  We are all tired of winter and soo ready for Spring's pretty flowers, pastel colors and warmer temperatures.  Planting pansies is a Southern tradition.  So I like to plant a lot of them in my garden.

Clash of the Titan, aka the winter storm that knocked our socks off and large branches off our trees!!
One of my absolute angel neighbours had cut up that mega tree limb.  What do you think I should do to thank him for that kindness?

Hellebores or Lenten Rose starting to awaken.  

These plants are among the first to bloom in early spring

Have you seen these new Peeps? They are adorable and have a Lovely vanilla aroma.  I got that darling mug for $5 at Home Goods.  It is the palest shade of blue & the perfect size for coffee, tea or hot chocolate ~ mega ♥ I do Love a big pretty mug.


  1. such pretty flowers! i love their colorful contrast to the snow and ice, such a beautiful mixture of textures.
    I haven't seen the new peeps yet, i just might have to try those!

    1. Thanks Abigail! I do recommend those new peeps, they're fantastic! Good vanilla flavor that goes well with other junk foods like popcorn, soda and a ridiculously scary movie...

  2. I am very ready for spring to start already! I have not seen those peeps yet, they look so cool! I think Easter candy is probably my favorite kind of candy.

    1. Easter candy is The Cutest because it's pretty pastel!


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