Monday, February 24, 2014

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

It snowed!

a lot

We live in North Carolina and usually don't see very much snow.  If it does snow it usually doesn't stick.  And we rarely get any accumulation, so when it does actually snow it's a pretty BiG deal.

 When "Wintry Weather" is predicted in The South it's exciting and there is quite a feeling of expectation.  Schools & businesses close early, before any snow has even begun. Stores are jam packed with folks running in for bread & milk.  I absolutely LOVE how snow is such an event down here!

All day long I keep checking out the window looking for the snow.

Finally, I see the old house across the street roof and the road is covered with white stuff!

With excitement I go searching in the attic for our boots & gloves for a walk in the snow!

We bundle up and go outside. Everything is covered with white.

We'd go out

and play in it,

take photos,

catch snowflakes

on our tongue

and make little snowmen.

Emily made Olaf



But then

we'd get so cold 

we'd have to come in and warm up with some hot cocoa.

  It is really coming down out there, big huge fat amazing flakes. 

And the snow kept coming

It was so Lovely to sit by the window and watch the pretty snow fall for 2 days.

I had to take a photo of how high the snow was piled up in the Target parking lot 6 days later.  That was quite a storm!!!


  1. Hooray for lots of snow and hot cocoa! I just love old houses decorated in snow, you captured it well.
    Little Olaf is adorable as well :)

  2. Cute pictures! I like the one of zoe next to the candle. And I'm glad you got a picture of those huge piles in the parking lot! I wanted to but kept forgetting. I love that excited feeling when it first starts snowing :)

  3. Thanks for the comments!!! Looking at snowy photos is always a delight. Too bad I never thought to snap any photos of my own house covered in snow but that Ginormous pile of snow was pretty impressive at least 10-12 feet high!

  4. It seems like snow just hit everyone this year. It's always a nice treat when you don't usually get any :)

    1. It is a nice treat, Amanda, like a mini vacation snow resort that is as cozy as home!

  5. I must say I'm quite jealous of the snow fall you've had! Snow can be annoying in some ways but it always looks magical! :D

    1. Just fallen snow definitely looks the prettiest with that wonderful powder sugar coating on the tree branches. Can't pass up the opportunity to grab the camera and capture those fleeting images.


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