Thursday, January 16, 2014

Everyone Loves a Good Deal, Right?

I wanted to share some cute things I found while shopping at Target yesterday.

I always look in  the bins at the front of the store filled with the seasonal stuff, usually for $1.  I can not resist a bargain.  There's always something cute that I can use for scrap - journaling or crafts and  many other fun/useful whatnots.

Here's what I bought:
How cute are those paper straws with the hearts on them, perfect for a St. Valentine's Day Luncheon or just soda & popcorn on family movie night.

I could use the adorable blank notecards as Valentines or thank you notes.  Just for the record, I Love, love, Luv anything with an Eiffel!

Washi tape is one of my obsessions and I had to buy both the hearts and the chevrons, even the card in packaging  is cute.

And last is the ribbon collection that has silver ric rac, red felt hearts, cream colored grosgrain with vintage-y red keys printed on it, and some red lace.

With Valentines Day right around the corner these DooDads will come in handy.
What a great deal, all 5 thing for only $1 each!

        ~    It's been Lovely chatting with you,
                                    now go on down to Target and get some cute things for yourself ♥


  1. Hey lady!!! Glad to see this great blogsite!!!

  2. That is such cute stuff! I love looking in that bargain rack, they always have such cool stuff.


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